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Are you looking for a way to make more money, but don’t want to go out

and get another job? Would you like to learn how to increase your income by

working online, straight from the comforts of your home, possibly without

even getting out of your pajamas? If you answered yes to either (or both)

of these questions, you are in the right place.

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You probably already know that there are many ways to obtain what you

want financially, because others have found them and profited from them

tremendously already. You just need a little direction in your search. You

need someone to tell you what options are available to you and how to get

started with them and that is where this book comes in.

In it, you will learn ten different techniques to make money online (some of

which contain several options within them). A few of them may take a while

to learn and perfect, but others you can start using today, potentially

earning you more income by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight.

What you are about to learn in the pages and chapters ahead is ten different

techniques to make money with nothing more than an Internet connection

and a will to get out of your current financial situation. While this list is

certainly not all inclusive, it will give you an idea of the most popular

Internet-based ways of making money available to you today.

In the end, it is up to you how profitable you are with any of these

suggestions. You can make nothing or you can make a million dollars. Your

ability to succeed is based on your ingenuity, creativity, ability to reach your

target market, and unwavering perseverance. As long as you continue to

learn from your mistakes, perfect your steps, and choose to do the best you

can, then you will win in the end.


Chapter 1: Affiliate Marketing

The first, and perhaps most well-known online money making strategy is

called affiliate marketing. It is the most important method of making money

online, because you can combine it with almost any of the other methods

that are in this book. Affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s

products or services on your website, social media page, YouTube account,

and other Internet-based pages, thereby earning a commission on each sale.

Of course, this money making option requires that you have (or create) an

Internet site or page and that site or page caters to the same market as the

merchant or advertiser that you want to highlight and you should also have

enough visitors. But once you have that, you could make some serious cash.


If the idea of affiliate marketing interests you, here is a quick step-by-step

guide to getting you started:

Step #1: Select the category you wish to promote. This is pretty easy to do

if you already have an existing site or page, as it is going to be one that is

relevant to your subject or topic. For instance, if you currently own and

operate a website that is somehow related to money or financial issues, you

could increase your income base as an affiliate marketer (in which you

would be called the publisher) by promoting and selling products and

programs related to this topic (like the programs sold by Dave Ramsey,

creator of Financial Peace University, or Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money).

However, if you don’t have a page or site set up currently, what types of

products or services are you interested in? What are some things that you

are knowledgeable about and can discuss intelligently with your readers?

Select a category that you love or could add value to and the rest of the

process will be much easier for you.

Step #2: Set up a site or web page if you don’t currently have one. If you

don’t already have a website or page set up, now is the time to do it. Some

options to consider include developing a price comparison site, crafting a

review site, or making a discount site for products that people commonly

buy online as each one has the ability to attract consumers looking for

specific items. Also, sites like these serve a functional purpose for the

consumer; whether it is to help them save money, figure out which products


are higher qualities, or both, while putting more money in your pocket at the

same time.

Step #3: Decide what products or services you want to promote. If you

don’t believe in the product or service that you are an affiliate for, how can

you expect your reader to be?

Think of the items that you have no problem recommending to your closest

family and friends and your passion for them will shine through more clearly,

getting your reader as excited about them as you are.

Step #4: Pick which affiliate marketing site(s) you’d like to use and set up

an account. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you may want to check out

sites such as Click bank, Amazon Affiliate Programs, E- Junkie, Pay Dotcom

(which pays commissions via PayPal), and CJ Affiliate by Conversant

(formerly known as Commission Junction). Each of these can direct you to

the merchants best suited for you, allowing you to make the most money

from your marketing affiliate program.

You’ll want to pay close attention to how each one works and consider the

impact it could have on your potential profits. For instance, Click bank lets

you earn up to 75% of the product price and Pay Dotcom offers commissions

up to 80%, but you may actually make more money off Amazon Affiliates

even though they give you a lower percentage (6-15% depending on which

program you choose) as they are one of the biggest online shopping retailers


If you already have a successful blog or website that draws a lot of traffic,

you may even get paid by a business for simply promoting their brand or

name on your site, such as with Google Ad Sense. Options like this are often

set up as pay-per-click, where you are reimbursed a certain rate for every

person that clicks on the affiliate link that you have displayed somewhere on

your site.

Step #5: How to select an affiliate program to promote. I will review the

process on Click Bank because it is the website I recommend you to start

with. First and most important is the commission you will get for each sale.

Aim at 60%+ commissions for digital products. On average, most digital

products on Click Bank sell between 35$-85$. Applying this rule you will be

making at least 21$ per sale. If you promote physical products, don’t stick

with a specific percent but make sure you will earn at least 50$ per sale

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