Eat More Not Less To Lose Weight

Eat More, Not Less To Lose Weight!
Build Your Health And Your Body By Eating Right, Not Less!
– 5 –
Chapter 1:
This course teaches you how to lose weight without the customary
calorie counting that is often the basis of most weight loss diets. To
be sure, low-calorie diets are too fast but it is a well known fact that
they pose special hardships and gains are hard to sustain. Composed
of 10 chapters, this course provides you with greater understanding of
the needs of your body and how this knowledge help you follow a diet
that induces weight loss and sustains your gains without effort.
Weight loss should result in a healthier you, not just a slimmer you.
There are a variety of methods that try to make you believe you can
solve your weight issues easily and fast. There are miracle diet pills
and diets that drastically reduce your calorie and your general food
consumption levels promising rapid weight reduction, which in the
end leave you grappling with tremendous hunger pangs and
dangerous side effects.
– 6 –
Losing Weight Naturally
There are no such things as miracle treatments for a weight loss
problem. Of course, it is possible to become slim through the use of
fad diets, but you will not be healthy because crash diets deny you
nutrients that are necessary for your body to function properly.
It weakens your health and what’s more you are likely to go back to
your former eating habits since the fad diet taught you nothing. You
will be having the same problem again and again. Worse, according to
studies people who have undergone repetitive weight loss diets, then
became permanently overweight, and are in worse health than those
who hadn’t tried solving their weight problems at all.
Change Your Lifestyle
Changing your lifestyle is actually the most effective way of losing
weight and staying healthy. A switch from a calorie-loaded diet to a
low calorie diet is a must. You do not actually have to reduce food
intake, just eat healthful foods – more vegetables and fruits, lean
meats, whole grains and others.
Regular exercise should also help you lose weight as well as
maintaining good health. Since you are taking in fewer calories from
your diet, your workouts should be burning fat deposits in your body.
– 7 –

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