The Greatest Secret Of All Time

The Greatest Human
Secret of All Time
What I am about to share with you is no secret at all. It is a scientific fact. It has
been proven over and over through countless decades of civilization. The great thinkers
and philosophers have written about this seemingly great secret and the most noted self
improvement speakers of our time have written many books and recorded endless tapes
and cd’s. Somehow it STILL seems to be some great scientific mind mystery and
elusive secret.
Have you ever noticed how the person who always says, “I am always late”, is
always late? Have you ever heard the expression, “I can remember faces but I can
never remember names.”? Isn’t it interesting how they can never remember a name to
save their life? Have you noticed that the person who says, “I never win anything”,
never wins anything? Isn’t it strange how the person who says, “I always forget
something!” always forgets something? The person who can never find their keys
always says, “I always lose my keys!” The person who says “I can’t afford it,” never
can and the person who always says “I’m tired” always is!
Conversely, the person who says, “I always win”, usually does! Do you really
think they are just “lucky?” The person who says “I always find a parking spot,” usually
always does! The person who says, “I am never late,” never is! The person who says,
“I’m happy,” is happy and the person who responds “Great” when you ask how they
are doing, is most often, always in a great mood.
Do you think that all of us who say those things are so finely tuned into our own
minds that we are acutely aware of all our exact capabilities, strengths and weaknesses?
I think not. There is much more to it and most people do not really have a clue what
that is.
All of those statements seem to be self fulfilling prophecies. Well, that is
exactly what they are. Why is that? I am going to attempt to answer that question and
keep it as simple as possible. First I am going to talk a little bit about two elements of
the human mind. The first is the conscious mind. That, obviously, is your conscious
thought. If I asked you right now to touch your nose with your finger, and you did it,
that would be using your conscious mind. Your conscious mind would either hear or
read the command and direct the muscles in your arm and hand to touch your nose.
That is all conscious thought.
The second element of your mind is the subconscious. The subconscious mind is
where sudden inspiration comes from. It is the vast storage center that can retrieve your
favorite grade school teacher’s name in an instant. It is the control center that tells you
to instantly cover your mouth when you are about to cough. Have you ever had a
dream? Was that anywhere near conscious thought? Not at all. Did you ever turn
down the “old route” while driving when you intended to go somewhere else? That was
your subconscious mind at work.
Here is the Wikipedia definition of “subconscious”:
The term subconscious is defined variously as an adjective or noun. In the strict
psychological sense, the adjective is defined as “operating or existing outside of
consciousness”. The term also appears in Sigmund Freud’s very early work, to denote
the unconscious mind but was soon eliminated due to its ambiguity. It may also be used
to describe the preconscious, information contained in the mind, which although not
presently in the conscious, may be recalled by “directing attention to them”, such as
memories not being recalled at present, but still available to be recalled at will. Use of
the term “subconscious” is avoided in academic settings despite remaining popular in
common use.
We need to talk a little bit about how the subconscious mind works. I don’t want
to get into some long drawn out scientific dissertation. I will simplify it to the best of
my ability.
Your subconscious mind has stored in your brain every sight you have ever seen.
Every color of every object you have seen since birth is stored. It has stored every
sound you have ever heard, every book you have ever read, every picture you have ever
seen, and in short, every experience you have ever had.
Your memory is simply the ability to recall those experiences and place them in
your conscious mind. Isn’t it amazing how you can remember something that happened
decades ago and it seems like only yesterday? The things that had a greater effect on
your conscious mind seem to be much easier to recall. Why is that? You can probably
remember the first bicycle you ever got, (hopefully you got one.) your first date, your
graduation, and the birth of your children. The list is endless. The reason that you
remember those events so vividly is because your conscious mind processed that
information over and over and over again until your subconscious stamped it into your
mind, never to be erased.
Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is true and what
is false. Let me repeat that. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between
what is true and what is false. And… it doesn’t care! Whatever your subconscious
mind believes, it will make happen in your life, even if it is a lie!
If you tell a child as they grow up, that they are smart, they will grow up thinking
that they are smart and will act as if they are smart and do the things smart people do. If
you always tell a young girl, as she grows up, that she is pretty, she will grow up
thinking she is pretty.
The prisons are filled with people whose parents always told them they’re no
good and they are a bum and they will never amount to anything. The corporate
boardrooms are filled with people whose parents always told them they can do anything
in the whole world that they put their minds to.
That is just the effect that “others” have on our subconscious mind. Now just
think of the effect we have on ourselves when we consciously think over and over that:
“I don’t have any friends.” “I can’t afford it.” “I’m tired.” “I don’t remember names.”
“I am never on time.” “I never get my work done.” “I can’t do that.” “I can’t get
ahead.” ‘I never get a break” “I hate the snow.” “I’m afraid of heights.” “I can’t get a
good job.” “If it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.” We could all fill up
these pages with those negative statements that we hear over and over and over.
Yes it is! Your subconscious listens to every word and every thought that you
have and it listens twenty four hours a day, even when you are sleeping. When it hears
the same thoughts or words over and over again it begins to accept those thoughts as
true. When that happens, it is stamped in your mind. Now your subconscious mind can
and does process that automatically for you.
When your subconscious mind accepts something as true, it will work very hard
to make sure you stay the course with that thought. If you tell yourself that you cannot
do something, and you tell yourself that long enough, your subconscious mind will
make sure you stay on that track. You will automatically sabotage every effort you
make to accomplish what you have already convinced your subconscious that you
cannot accomplish.
If you have told yourself for years that you always forget names, your
subconscious now accepts that as true and won’t even let you hear someone’s name
when they tell it to you. You could walk out of the room and walk back in ten seconds
later wondering what that person’s name was.
Conversely, if you have always told yourself that you ALWAYS remember
names and your subconscious now accepts that as true, you will subconsciously make
every effort to process, remember, associate, and store that person’s name and you will
never forget it. You will find yourself automatically asking for their name again if you
didn’t hear it. You will find that you use their name in the discussion that you have.
You will have follow up thoughts with that person’s name in that thought. That is your
subconscious mind at work making your thoughts a reality.
If you always tell yourself you are feeling “GREAT!” you will always have that
little extra spark of life, enthusiasm and happiness. I can prove it to you… I know that
there is someone in your life whom you never want to ask, “How you doin’?” Why…
because they just might tell you, and you never want to hear it. They have every ache
and pain known to mankind. They are constantly tired and can never get ahead. In
short, they have totally and completely programmed or convinced their subconscious
mind that they feel lousy. Their subconscious has taken over and made darn sure they
feel terrible. It is also a strong likelihood that their career is not in the greatest shape
and most every aspect of their life is in a less than desirable state.
When someone always tells you how great they are feeling, even if it’s not the
truth, they genuinely feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. They are just
more positive, happy people. It is because they have programmed their subconscious
mind to make them do everything they need to do to feel great! The subconscious does
not accept the concept of feeling bad. It rejects it and moves toward the positive.
I will tell you something that you may find hard to believe. My own credibility
might take a little hit with this one, but I give you my word that this is true… “I always
win at slots!” I do go to Las Vegas on occasion. I am not an obsessive gambler but I
do enjoy playing the slots. The slots are the worst odds in Vegas. Everyone knows
that. But…. I always win. It is a pretty hard thing for people to believe when I tell
them. As many times as I have gone to Vegas, I have always come away from the
casino with more money than I spent. I was walking through the Flamingo with friends.
I told them to go on without me and I would catch up. There was a Hummer H2 on the
platform and my son likes Hummers so I said, I am going to win the Hummer.
Everyone laughed and went on. I put a $20 bill in the quarter slots to win the Hummer.
I pushed the button three times and all of a sudden…. H2, H2, WILD! The bells and
whistles went off like crazy. I won the Hummer… so I thought. I sadly found out I
needed three H2’s. I only won a thousand dollars. I have a bunch of those “slot”
stories. I always win at slots!
We can all guess at the reason. Most will say I am just “lucky.” If you ask the
authors of the book “The Secret”, they will tell you it is the Law of Attraction.
The great writers, the great thinkers and philosophers all know what it is. It is the
power of constant and continuous positive affirmation to the subconscious mind. It is
what sleep learning is all about. Your subconscious mind never sleeps and thus it can
learn. When it accepts your positive affirmation as true, great things will begin to
happen in your life.
Your constant and continuous positive affirmation to yourself will program your
subconscious to make you successful in whatever endeavor you choose. It is a law. It
is a scientific fact. It is not disputed.
Why does it seem to be such a secret? The fact is, it is not a secret at all. It is
just often rejected buy human beings because it is a positive thought. Far too many
people are programmed for the negative. They learn the words, “no” and “can’t” very
early in life and solidify those words in their minds. Consequently, most people will
first look for a reason “why it won’t work” instead of looking for a reason why it “will”
If you begin now to reprogram your subconscious mind, regardless of your age,
you will begin to experience untold rewards. You can reprogram your subconscious.
You can eliminate the negative and fill your mind with positive affirmations. You can
do it for yourself and for your loved ones.
It can make you quit smoking, lose weight, learn a language, play an instrument,
be a great chess player, be a great business person, be a great speaker or anything else
that you want to accomplish. It all starts with positive affirmation.
I used to be a smoker. Using no other method, I began to program my
subconscious mind. Here is how I did it. I put little labels everywhere that said “I don’t
smoke.” I put them on my computer, on the dashboard of my car, on my desk, on the
mirror in the bathroom and even on the wall in the shower. As I was puffing on a
cigarette and having my coffee, I would say to myself, “I don’t smoke.” Then one day,
I put the cigarettes in the garbage because “I don’t smoke!” That is a true story.
Whatever it is that you need to change in your life, write it down. Then create a
positive statement toward the attainment of that goal. If you want to learn to speak
Spanish, tell yourself over and over again, every single day, even a hundred times every
day that “I speak Spanish fluently.” It is a bold faced lie but your subconscious doesn’t
know it. Eventually your subconscious will hop on board with the idea, accept it as true
and lead you to do crazy things like walk into Barnes and Noble and buy a book on
learning Spanish. You will automatically make time to take Spanish lessons. You will
find your self saying sentences in Spanish. Before you know it you will be speaking
Spanish fluently.
Now you have the Greatest Human Secret of All Time. You have within you the
power to create miracles in your life. You can change and improve every aspect of your
life. All you have to do is convince your subconscious mind and it will take over and
make it happen!
You convince or “program” your subconscious mind by constantly and
continuously bombarding it with positive thoughts about yourself and your goals.
Eventually your positive thoughts will become things. We are right now the very sum
total of our thoughts to this date.
When you have mastered the art of positive autosuggestion to your subconscious
mind and you add one more ingredient, you will be an unstoppable machine.
The other ingredient was given to us by the Carpenter from Galilee. He said “As
ye believe, so shall it be done unto you.” So I say to you… Believe in yourself.
Believe in your dreams. Believe in the power of positive affirmation. Believe that you
can and will have everything that you have ever hoped for and believe in the words of
the Carpenter.
If my children have learned anything from me, I hope they have learned the
“Greatest Human Secret of All Time.” Their grandmother would be very proud.
Enjoy your day!

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